What is it like in the Amazon Basin?

Welcome back to the last half term of the year!

This half term we will be trying to answer the questions What do plants need to grow well? Why do plants make seeds? and Why do they grow well in the Amazon Basin? Do you know any of these answers?

In literacy we will be looking at the story The Great Kapok Tree. Do you know the story? What do you think about it? The story has lots of onomatopoeia in it can you think of some great sound words?

In numeracy we will look at multiplication and division. This will focus on multiplying and dividing two digit numbers by 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10. We will also look at fractions of shapes and numbers including half, quarter, thirds and fifths and tenths. What is special about fractions? How can you find fractions? What is a a tenth of 80? What is a quarter of 12? 

Are trees plants? Why do plants make seeds? Can you remember MRS GREN and what it means? Can you tell me a fact about the city of Manaus? 

What is deforestation?

Who is the artist below? What have they painted?


Mrs Wynne, Mrs Phoenix and Miss Harrigan

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Who lived at the fort at Castlefield?

Welcome back Year 3.

This half term we will be trying to answer the question Who lived at the fort at Castlefield? This looks at why the Romans came to Britain and what they did.

In English we will be looking at newspaper reports based on Roman life. We will then be writing our own explanation texts about how to bath in Roman times. Finally we will be looking at and writing some stories about Roman life.

Have you heard the story of Romulus and Remus?

Do you know anymore Roman myths and legends?

In Maths we will be working on time, including time problems. Can you tell the time? What do we count up in for each main number? What are the hands for? We will be working on addition and subtraction. Try one below.

Bronze – 16 + 23 =

Silver – 45 + 28 =

Gold – 461 + 215 =

Platinum – 4,216 + 2,176 =

In our topic we will try to answer the  questions – Why the Romans came to Manchester?  How were Roman soldiers different from soldiers today? Who invaded Britain? How did the Romans change our lives?

Do you know the answers to any questions?

Do you know what this is?


What is the special name for this?


Please remember PE on Tuesdays and swimming on Thursdays.

If you have any questions please come and ask.

Mrs Wynne and Mrs Phoenix

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Can you run like a cheetah or climb like a monkey?

Welcome back, to the second half of the year. Half way through already!

This half term we will be looking at how our bodies and animals bodies work.

In literacy we will be looking at the story Peter and the wolf focusing on writing diary entries, story openings and descriptions. We will be writing poems about healthy foods and exercise then creating instructions on how to make our own healthy snacks.

Do you know the story of Peter and the Wolf?

Can you write a short retell of the story?

In numeracy we will be learning about fractions of shapes and numbers. We will also learn about multiplication and division.

Can you solve these?

Bronze – 4 x 5 =

Silver – 7 x 4 =

Gold – 14 x 3 =

Platinum – 28 x 8 =

In science we will be learning about the muscles, joints and bones in our body. We will also look at animals skeletons.

How many muscles can you name?


Our topic work will include learning about healthy snacks and making our own.

What would you like to make? It needs to be healthy!


We will be learning about some more of Jesus’ miracles.

Can you remember some of the miracles?

Our SEAL topic is good to be me which will include learning about why it is good to be us and how everyone is different but just as good as each other.

What is good about you?

Mrs Wynne

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Would you like to meet the Flintstones?

Welcome back,

This half term we will be learning about the Stone Age.

We will be reading and writing about the story Stig in the dump. (Remember when the drama workshop came in and did a scene from this book?)

We will be looking at some other stories about the Stone age. Do you know any?

We will be adding and subtracting in maths then looking at shapes and fractions.

Can you solve these?

Bronze – 12 + 17 =

Silver – 36 + 28 =

Gold – 251 + 148 =

Platinum – 1,546 + 2,839 =

Tell me how you worked them out.

We will be creating our own pebble pets, making rock music and being a Flintstone.

Do you know any rock music?

Who is this?

We will be learning about Jesus’ miracles in RE.

Do you know any of his miracles?

Happy researching.

Mrs Wynn


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Te gustaria vivir en Espana?

Hola bienvenida de nuevoCan anybody work out what the above means?

This half term we will be looking at what it is like to live in Spain.

We will be finding out about where Spain is, what the weather is like, what it is like to live there and comparing it to Salford.
Have you been to Spain?
Where did you go?
What was it like?
Would you like to live there?
Is everywhere in Spain like this?

In Literacy we will be reading the book Fantastic Mr Fox written by a very famous author. Do you know who?
We will then write poems about Spain and write some instructions for making a magnetic game.

Most of this half term in Numeracy will be spent looking at multiplying and dividing. We will also look at shapes. Can you solve these? Bronze – 4 x 5 = Silver – 6 x 8 = Gold – 34 x 3 = Platinum – 427 x 4 =
Use any method you know.

We will also be learning about Abraham and his life in RE, how we can get on and be better friends in PSHE and learning about two artists in our creative topic.
Do you know who painted this?
Extra points if you can tell me where the artist came from and what this style of painting is known as?

Points for any questions that you can answer – the more answers the more points!!

Get researching and answering.
Mrs Wynne

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Our recounts

Literacy Week 1 – 3

We have been looking at how we write recounts. We have looked at an image and developed a recount about what happened when we entered the building. We will be completing these in class soon and then writing them on the blog to see what you think. Watch this space.

Numeracy Week 1 -3

We have been working really hard to add numbers – including 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers. We are now beginning to work on subtraction . We have been challenging ourselves by creating numbers using dice and adding them. We have also been working hard to work as a team to solve tricky problems. Come on Year 3 show everyone your impressive numeracy skills. Can you challenge each other to solve number sentences?
I challenge any Year 3 to solve …..
359 + 154 =
Mrs Wynne

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Let’s travel back in time to Ancient Egypt

This half term Year 3 are learning about Ancient Egypt. We are going to be finding out about how the Ancient Egyptians lived and how the Egyptians live now. We will be learning about life in ancient times and how the pyramids were built.

We will also be going to Bolton Museum – date still to be decided, where the children will learn about Ancient Egypt. Has anyone been there already?

We will be writing and acting out our own play scripts. We will also be writing about an Egyptian Myth. Do you know any Egyptian myths?

We will also be learning about shadows and creating a shadow dance and music to accompany the dance. We will be also be making Mummies!! Do you know what Mummies are?

Do you know why cats were so important to the Egyptians? Do you know what the Egyptian kings were called?

If there is anything you would like to find out about let me know. Year 4 know lots about the Egyptians as they did the topic last year.

Do you know who this is?

Does anybody know what these are?

canopy jars

Happy researching.

Mrs Wynne

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This could be…

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